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EPSY Microflow Valve

EPSY / EPSYplus microflow valve

Developed by the engineers at SCHLUMBERGER in the 70's, EPSY valve will eventually be manufactured and marketed by renowned names in the valve business :

  • Schlumberger
  • Bailey Sereg
  • Sereg Vannes
  • Valtek
  • Flowserve


With its proven reliability and strength, the EPSY valve is characterized by a great versatility allowing it to be used in a wide range of applications (gas, chemical, steam, fuel oil, etc.).

The trim's design (offset seat) gives it excellent fluid lamination resistance, thus preserving its sealing properties during closing.

Available in a wide range of variants, the EPSY microflow valve meets most of your needs. In addition, with almost all components in stock, you can rest assured of receiving your spare parts within a few days.


Size DN15 - 1/2"
DN20 - 3/4"
DN25 - 1"

Standard Version / Cryogenic Extension (-196°C) / Metal bellows.

Body materials A105 - WCC
F316L - CF8M

Other materials on request.
Monel, Hastelloy...

Connections ISO PN20 - CL150
ISO PN50 - CL300
ISO PN110 - CL600
PN 10/40

To be inserted
With RF / FF flanges
With BW, SW ferrules
1" NPT thread
Other connections on request.

Trim Cv 0.005 à Cv 3.5 Lin/=%
Lenght 6mm ou 10mm 

Standard Materials: Gr660
​​​​Option: Hastelloy C276, Stellite, Monel K500, PCTFE, PTFE, Peek.....

PE seals Graphite
PTFE / PTFE+Kevlar / Service O² (BAM)

Options :
- O-rings
- elastic tightening
Other materials on request.

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France |

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